Per Artem ad Deum 2014

At the SACROEXPO the Swiss architect Mario SACROEXPO Botta and the Polish photographer Adam Bujak have been presented with the Medal of the Pontifical Council for Culture

The Medal winners: Mario Botta and Adam Bujak

The Medal winners: Mario Botta and Adam Bujak

The Per Artem ad Deum Medal – Through Arts to God – every year artists, whose works bring people closer to SACRUM are awarded with the Medal. SACROEXPO is the only place in the world where this unique distinction is awarded. This year the Medal has been presented for 10th time. The Pontifical Council for Culture, the body which awards this accolade, was founded 32 years ago upon the initiative of Pope John Paul II. Establishing it, the Holy Father emphasized that “the dialogue of the Church with cultures of the contemporary world constitutes a significant area of activity, in which in the last years of the 20th century the future of the world is being shaped”.

The Medal Chapter presided by His Excellency Fr. Bishop Marian Florczyk, having considered the applications resolved to select the two laureates.

Mario Botta – the Swiss architect for his “…indefatigable quest in the search of the Form – concurrently human and divine, which would reconcile the reality with the Idea …”

Polish photographer Adam Bujak for “…the firmament of human emotions, memories and longings built from frames of Faith, Hope and Love…”

During the ceremony the winners could hardly hide their emotion. The Medals were personally presented by HE Archbishop Henryk Hoser, HE Bishop Marian Florczyk and Targi Kielce President of Board Antoni Mochoń PhD.